Cloud services for managing, monitoring and testing devices (CWMP/TR-069, USP/TR-369)

Our reliable, scalable and affordable cloud solutions that meet your specific needs of remote device management and monitoring.

Cloud ACS (CWMP/TR-069, USP/TR-369)

Cloud service for device management (“Cloud DMS”) is a TR-069 ACS and TR-369 Controller for remote provisioning, management and monitoring all kind of devices that support CWMP/USP protocols.

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Wi-Fi Optimization

Wi-Fi Radio Resource Management (Wi-Fi RRM) service is one of the solutions that allows you to analyse radio spectrum for group of managed APs (Wi-Fi routers) and to select them the best Wi-Fi channels.

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Cloud platform for device interoperability testing (CWMP/TR-069, USP/TR-369)

Improve the quality and speed of testing your devices for compliance with the Broadband Forum standards. Read more

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Cloud device testing

What is Interoperability Testing Portal?

The cloud Interop Platform allows you to test devices to assure consistency and adherence to the protocols:

The service includes the set of tests developed by the Broadband Forum for certification program:


  • Testing made simple

    The Interop testing service is provided for testing DUTs (Device Under Test) in various conditions and with application of different types of scenarios. The service allows you to monitor your tests, devices and results subject to their compliance with required specifications and also to identify problems with implementation of the protocol.

  • Achieve desired results

    In accordance with obtained test results, you can create the environment necessary for achievement of desired indicators. In order to guarantee the permanent execution of monitoring and further analysis, we have developed this service, which makes it possible to carry out your tests 24 hours a day and seven days a week from any place in the world directly in your browser.

  • Tests that work for you

    The Interop testing service contains both standard test tasks proposed by BBF and specific tests developed by our company proceeding from the experience of using real scenarios applicable by the telecom operators, including various service models, diagnostic tests, security issues (Vulnerability) and other user scenarios.

  • Create unique reports

    According to the test results, the service generates reports that you can share with engineers or other representatives of the client.

  • Run test on any platform you want

    Interoperability testing portal was designed to run tests on multiple platforms including PCs, laptops, tablets, phones etc.

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How does the testing tool work?

Our custom web-based testing tool allows you to check equipment troubleshooting, to detect malfunctions of your devices and to validate the interoperability of your CPE with cloud device management platform. You may execute any RPC methods, because our platform is based on powerful TR-069 ACS and USP Controller. The online testing platform will help you to prepare your devices for BBF certification, and also to check conformity of your CPE with TR-069 (TR-69, CWMP), USP (TR-369) protocols.

Equipment troubleshooting

This service includes not only tests recommended by the Broadband Forum, but also tests which are based primarily on our own experience in implementation of TR-069 among different service providers (Tier 3 to Tier 1) over the last 15 years. We don't provide certification, the service only allows you to perform tests and validate the compliance of your devices.

Implementation of TR-069

Additionally, we can develop the special set of tests by your requirements and provide ongoing consulting and technical support to our Clients.

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Clarification of certain terms and explanation of information security aspects


Successive evolution of TR-069 - the User Services Platform (TR-369)


Specification of Technical Report 069


The Technical Report 069


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